Norms & Dress Code

Norms & Dress Code for 341 Meeting

Rev. 2/6/2017 (Translated to English)

U.S. Department of Justice

Office of the United States Trustee

José R. Carrión Morales & Alejandro Oliveras Rivera Trustees Chapter 13

We would like to welcome you to our salon in San Juan, located in the Ochoa Building, 500 Tanca Street, First floor, San Juan. In order to achieve an orderly use of the facilities, the following rules must be followed, for which we request your cooperation.

General Rules:

1. No smoking inside the building.

2. No firearms (without exception).

3. Access is only permitted to those persons summoned for the meeting of creditors. Persons arriving before the appointed time will be checked in and returned at the appointed time. They must wait outside the building. Accompanying persons who have not been summoned to the meeting or who are not party to the meeting in the interest of the meeting shall wait outside the building.

4. Mobile phone conversations are not allowed inside the meeting room.

5. No drinking or eating inside the meeting room.

6. Silence - We remind you that creditor meetings are recorded, as required by the US Trustee. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain silence at all times.

7. Children - Arrangements should be made by the persons listed above, as minors will not be allowed in the room at the time of the meeting of creditors. Exceptional situations must be notified in advance.

Dress standards must be followed by all:

No T-shirts or blouses with sleeves, necklines, see-through or too tightly fitted will be allowed.

No shorts, lycra, capri or bicycle pants are allowed.

Hats, glasses, berets or caps are not allowed.

Flip-flops are not allowed.

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow the dress code will be assessed for a meeting review. We greatly appreciate your customary cooperation in adhering to these standards.