Quick Guide for Debtors


Dear Debtor,

As trustee, I have been assigned to your Chapter 13 case. The due date for your first payment under the payment plan in this case is due 30 days after the petition was filed in the Bankruptcy Court. This date is determined by the Federal Bankruptcy Code and cannot be changed by my office. The amount of your payments under the payment plan may change during the term of the plan, so it is important that you stay in contact with your lawyer for the duration of your plan. If you follow the instructions detailed below, you will complete your case providing the financial relief you are seeking.


José R. Carrión,
Chapter 13 & 12 Trustee Office

Case Information

You can access and follow your Chapter 13 case for free by registering with:    www.ndc.org

With this communication, we include an informational sheet from NDC (National Data Center).  After registering, you will receive an email confirming that your payment has been applied, and you will also receive a notice when your payments under the plan are going to change.

Payment Information

TFS:  https://www.ch13-pr.com/payments/tfs-payments

MoneyGram:  https://www.ch13-pr.com/payments/moneygram

ACH:  https://www.ch13-pr.com/payments/ach-payments

For more information access payment page>>>

Payment Plan

It's important to remember that your first payment is due 30 days after filing your bankruptcy case. Therefore, it is necessary for you to make all your payments on time, to avoid affecting the administration of your case and, consequently, you may lose the protection of the Bankruptcy Law. 

341 Online Meetings

You will soon receive a notification for the creditors' meeting. The Meeting of Creditors, also called the 341 Meeting, is named after the required Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code, and it is where you will meet with the trustee or one of the lawyers from their office. Creditors may attend this meeting, where the trustee or one of their lawyers will ask you a series of questions. Most meetings only last about 15 to 20 minutes.

All the information for you to connect on the day of the 341 meeting through the "Zoom Meeting" platform or by phone can be found at: https://www.ch13-pr.com/341-meetings For this meeting, you must present your social security card and photo ID, so that you can be effectively identified. 


At least seven (7) days before the Meeting of Creditors, your lawyer must send the following documents on our secure site: 


Failure to submit the required documents could result in the rescheduling of the Meeting of Creditors to a new date.