13 Documents Portal

13 Documents - Secure Upload Portal

We currently have 13 Documents Portal for electronic document Upload, previously TEDFA. If you need assistance, please write to our customer service department or call 787-977-3535. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department.

Note: Please create a new account to access 13 Documents Portal, previously TEDFA user accounts has been disabled.

13 Documents Portal

New Users

You must complete the following steps to proceed to create an account or access the 13 Documents portal.

  1. Register to https://www.13documents.com/account-register.html

  2. Enter your email.

  3. Read a confirmation email and Validate your email.

  4. Access you 13 Documents account https://www.13documents.com/login.php and look at the Trustee List to request authorization to José R. Carrión Trustee Office.

  5. Receive a confirmation email and access 13 Document Portal to start uploading documents.