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We currently have 13 Documents Portal for electronic document Upload, previously TEDFA. If you need assistance, please write to our customer service department or call 787-977-3535. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department.

Note: Please create a new account to access 13 Documents Portal, previously TEDFA user accounts has been disabled.

13 Documents Portal

Resources for Handling Transcripts

Uploading an Acceptable Transcript

Once the transcript has had all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) removed and it in PDF format, the applicant should complete the fields about the corresponding institution in the Graduate Institutions section of the online application, click “Browse” to choose the corresponding file, and click “Upload.” The transcript will be saved with the institution record when the applicant clicks “Add and Save Institution.”

Once a file is uploaded, we recommend that you open the file to verify that the file you uploaded is the correct file and that it is readable.

Note: The finished file cannot be larger than 10 MB. If it is larger than 10 MB, Adobe® Acrobat® Pro and most copy centers will be able to reduce the file size.

Scanning a Paper Document

If you do not have a PDF copy of your transcript, you will need to redact the printed copy (see Removing PII from a Paper Document), scan all pages of your transcript and then save them as a single PDF document.

Be sure to scan all the front pages and at least one of the back sides of a page. The transcript PDF does not have to be a color copy. If applicant does not have a personal scanner or need assistance formatting the file, applicant should consider visiting a copy center to get all pages into a single file (one file per transcript), no larger than 10 MB per file, and to ensure that the transcript is clear and legible.

Removing PII from a Paper Document

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be redacted/removed in one of two ways:

  • To remove PII before scanning the document, we recommend the use of size 4mm white-out tape to cover all Social Security Number and/or date of birth on all the transcripts pages. The use of markers, pends, or pencils is not recommended to mark out PII because the information will often show through after the document has been scanned.

  • After scanning the transcript (or if it is already in PDF format), the applicant may use different software packages such as Adobe Acrobat Pro to remove or redact information. (See Removing PII from a PDF Document for instructions on how to electronically redact a document using Adobe Acrobat Pro.)

Converting an Electronic Document to PDF

The program used to save the electronic version of the transcript may provide a tool to convert/print document as a PDF.

If the transcript is in a non-PDF electronic format that does not directly support conversion to PDF, the transcript may be printed, redacted, and scanned (see Scanning a Paper Document into PDF).

Removing PII from a PDF Document

If the transcript is already in PDF format and does not yet have all the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) removed from the document, a program such as Adobe Acrobat Pro (different from Adobe Reader) may be used.

  • With the document open in Adobe Acrobat Pro, click Advanced (in the menu bar)

  • Click Redaction

  • Click Mark for Redaction

  • Click and Drag the box over the desired area (to redact)

  • Click Advanced again

  • Click Redaction

  • Click Apply Redaction

  • Save the document